Steve Worm, PE

Steve is a licensed professional Mechanical Engineer with more than 25 years of product development and machine design experience with both start up companies and large corporations. His strengths are engineering analysis in structural, thermal and fluid design, technical problem solving and project management. He founded Forthright Engineering in 2001 and he has more than a twenty patents issued with several pending.

Prior Experience

Micell Technologies
Square D Company
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Wave Air Corp.

Patents Issued:

U.S. Patent 5,682,259 – Bus Powered Integrated Pilot Light/Contact/Communications Module
U.S. Patent 5,930,416 – Ambient Light and Dust Protection for a Mechanically Operated Optical Switch
U.S. Patent 5,952,648 – Linear Operating Mechanism for an Optical Switch
U.S. Patent 6,619,304 – Pressure Chamber Assembly Including Non-Mechanical Drive Means
U.S. Patent 6,314,601 – System for the Control of a Carbon Dioxide Cleaning Apparatus
U.S. Patent 6,589,592 – Method of Coating Articles Using a Densified Coating System
U.S. Patent 6,666,421 – Methods and Apparatus for Conserving Vapor and Collecting Carbon Dioxide for Carbon Dioxide Dry Cleaning
U.S. Patent 6,666,928 – Methods and Apparatus for Holding a Substrate in a Pressure Chamber
U.S. Patent 6,730,612 – Spray Member and Method for Using the Same
U.S. Patent 6,982,007 – Divided Pressure Vessel Apparatus for Carbon Dioxide Based Systems
U.S. Patent 7,114,508 – Cleaning Apparatus Having Multiple Wash Tanks for Carbon Dioxide Dry Cleaning
U.S. Patent 7,674,281- Apparatus and Methods for Providing a Flow of Heat Transfer Fluid in a Microenvironment
U.S. Patent 6,782,900 – Method and Apparatus for Cleaning or Treating a Substrate Using Carbon Dioxide
U.S. Patent 8,627,596 – Vegetation Treatment


Georgia Institute of Technology, MSME
Georgia Institute of Technology, BSME, Highest Honor
Florida International University