Why You Should Choose Us to Develop Your Product

Yes, we have creativity, education and experience but there are others who have those too. What’s special about us?

We are technical but practical. Our analytical capability enables us to predict which design concepts will be successful, minimizing trial and error and excessive prototype iterations. We also have the common sense and resourcefulness to make the right design decisions quickly and efficiently and avoid drawn out “research projects.”

We own it. It takes experience to learn how to avoid technical pitfalls or lapses in communication. We use only highly experienced people on all phases of the project and do not hand the work off to junior staff. This saves you time and money.

We’re entrepreneurs too. We understand that you have to wear many hats and use your time and resources wisely. We know how to provide the maximum value for your development budget. We’ll share a passion for your vision and give you the professionalism and responsiveness that you deserve, even if you’re not a Fortune 500 company (yet). Give us a call and we will prove it.

Our home is Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and RTP, North Carolina, but we also serve clients throughout the southeast region. Please contact us today to learn more about our mechanical engineering and electromechanical product design capabilities.